Valentines Gifts: For a Special Lady

valentines undies

Lonely Taupe Eyelash Lace Set / Lingerie panty / Miss Selfridge / Full Tilt / Fleur of England / Cheek Frills Days of the Week Box Set Panties

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I have to say, I am a rather fantastic gift giver. Be it the two-foot unicorn and pegasus combo I gave my little nieces for Christmas or the vintage hardbacks I gave Justin for his birthday I have a knack for picking the gift that they never knew they needed. Valentines day is in my top five holidays. The pink, the love, the teddy bears, I couldn't have built a better day. For men. it's another story. It's a holiday laden in high price points and even higher expectations, and to top it all off, your night is determined on how happy your gift makes your special lady. For the man with no idea what to buy, lingerie is a home run. Get her something sweet and lacy that you'd love to see her in, give her something sexy and stylish or maybe even something playful like the days of the week panties by Cheek Frills. She'll like her Tuesdays on as much as you'll like them off!

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